Free Guide: 30 Days of Fun Facebook Live Ideas for Local Business Owners

Start hosting business-boosting broadcasts on Facebook without stressing about relevant topic ideas or getting tongue-tied.

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Most of us know we should be using Facebook Live to drum up exposure and generate leads, but the mere thought of being live on air fuels the sweats. What topic should we tackle? What should we say? What if our mind goes blank and silence ensues? What if we don’t look professional and end up a laughing stock?


You’re not the first business owner to worry about looking a fool, nor will you be the last. But you shouldn’t let fear stop you from using one of the most powerful organic business-building tools in social media today. And our guide can help.

In 30 Days of Fun Facebook Live Ideas for Local Business Owners, you’ll discover:

• 6 Compelling reasons you should be using Facebook Live in your local business right now

• 30 Days' worth of recyclable ideas to guarantee you NEVER run out of things to say

• The positive impact each topic can have on your local business

• Relevant talking points to reduce the risk of dead air and ensure a smooth broadcast

Whether you’re a dentist, doctor, chiropractor, real estate agent, lawyer, gym owner, restaurateur, or the owner of a local retail store, our guide will help ensure you’re creating a steady flow of live content with confidence. Claim your free copy today!

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